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Friday, March 16, 2007

So what if i am being bitchy? I mean, i have been cooped up all week with a sick baby. Is it completely out of the question to have a touch of bitch mixed with a dash of resentment? I didn't feel this way at all until today, Friday. Charlie has been sick since Monday night, so it's not as though he gets sick and presto, i immediately turn into Ann Coulter or something. I mixed two and a half days of work, have barely gotten more than a two and half hour chunk of sleep and when i just talked to my husband on the phone, he was at a bar with his coworkers watching March Madness on a gorgeous sunny day here in Oregon.
What was i doing as he was sipping a beer sponsored by his boss? I was at the Dr.'s office having the Dr. look at my son's enlarged nut. Yes, that's right. Yesterday, even with all the fever, runny nose and cough, my son's right nut looked oddly disproportionate, both to his other little nut and what it normally looks like. I called the after hours place and they recommended coming in because it could be a hernia (lots of preemies have this). But Amen to the One Up Above because my son's ball is OK and his intestines are not creeping into his sac. That's been what i have been doing on this glorious day.
Speaking of nuts---i can't complain too much because while Charlie was taking his morning nap, i took the opportunity to watch Brokeback Mountain. I don't know where everyone comes down on the whole "Is Brokeback better than Crash? Brokeback was robbed" controversy but here's where i stand. Brokeback was amazing. Loved it. It should have won for its artistry. I am guessing cinephiles agree, because you can't beat some of the delicacy of the movie. Acting was superb. The silences in the movie were divine. But i remember Crash really jazzed me and it initiated awesome discussions with friends. Was it a big Hollywood production? Yeah. And it certainly had little of the beauty that Brokeback had. But it was still good.
So, what do my pedestrian opinions matter, really? But allow me to dwell in some self importance: i think the prize goes to Brokeback. It all comes down to nuts.